I love wildlife! Or the natural world to be more... um... accurate. Everything from the magnificent, the elephant or lion to the small and supposedly ordinary like ants and bees!
I feel at home outside almost like the birds and bees are my friends! My work tends to be inspired by this world and more and more by the ordinary.
The ordinary that is just, well, getting on with it, that is just allowed to be, to artwork that just evolves.
I never was very good at all the prep stuff, I get bored too easily and the work tends to feel too contrived so the artwork just evolves and grows to be itself, I'm just the guiding hand!

I have exhibited throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and London. I also have work in Spain.

I also teach a wide range of art/craft subjects to different ages and abilities. I have worked with adults, adults with learning difficulties, adults with addiction problems, and with mental health issues.
I have also worked with children and parents and children as part of family learning.