Art classes and Workshops

" Too many people die with their music still inside them", I can't remember who said that but the truth of this statement stuck with me.

Because it's so true, too many people are afraid to fully express themselves through their art, too bound by what an artwork SHOULD look like.

So, yes whilst I aim to teach the basics or give students the 'tools' to create their artwork, I also want to help give students confidence, the confidence to express themselves, to say to themselves " ok its not perfect, ok its not like so and so has done it but I like it!"

I want to share what its like to be an artist, that its not all 'plain sailing', that even after a lifetime of creating you can still get it wrong sometimes, but that's ok, its what keeps the creativity going, to try to get it better next time.

There are lots of other artists to admire, that you may wish to be as good as. To learn from them and strive to improve is a good thing, not so you can be like someone else but so you can make what you do better and that's what I want for my students, I want to hear their 'voices' through their artwork

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