Mixed media is the name of the game with my artwork!
That and experimentation!

Mixed media within a single artwork but also in the range of media I like to use and the surfaces I like to work on.
I've worked on canvases with acrylic and it's useful as you can create almost 3D texture. And the range of acrylics and mediums available has certainly increased along with the possibilities of their use.

But, I guess my first love is working on paper. It allows me, I feel, to use a broader range of media and techniques.
I mentioned 'experimentation' and, I feel, working on paper allows me to do this. I love the idea of an artwork 'evolving', of it having a hand in its own creation.
Of course this means happy, and not so happy accidents and if you check out 'Creating an Artwork' you will see that artworks sometimes have several reincarnations.

Whatever the outcome though, the process of creating an artwork sure is fun!
Up Close and Personal 6