Creating an Artwork

I'm often asked how an artwork is created and I guess there is a temptation to leave it a mystery, like it's some kind of magic but I wanted to give an idea of how some are created. To give an idea of the stages an artwork goes through, to deliberately take some of the mystery out of their production and to show that it's not always clear cut, that an artwork evolves.

Sometimes........well most of the time paintings don't go to plan so I also wanted to show what can be done when things do go wrong as they often do.
Students often get fearful of getting it 'wrong' with a painting, of not producing a perfect 'finished' painting but as I aim to show here, I often get it wrong, but that's ok, there is usually a way around it and, to be honest, that's the bit I really enjoy because it really brings out my creativity, making me find solutions to try to produce an artwork I'm happy with!

Mind you, even then, the painting still might not work as I'd like it but, hey, that's ok too, I'll just do it again.
Wary Watchers- In Progress 10